My Two Baby Girls

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Isabella and Jemima plotting rascalness

From Izzie To Jemima

Jemima, Michele

Jemima Grace all ready for a trip into townIzzie had barely been pushed out into this world when the interrogation began again. ‘Do you want another one?’ Maybe you’d like a boy this time?’ ‘Remember that biological clock’s ticking.’

I’ve never made a secret of the fact Izzie was created by ICSI. I’m proud of her history, the fact we worked so hard for her and I’m still fascinated by the IVF process. I also hoped it may make people realise The Stork doesn’t just show up when we want it to and to think twice about asking others insenstive questions.

My openness about our treatment didn’t stop the nagging though. I used to love my husbands answer of ‘Well I’m shooting blanks and I’m not sure I want Michele going through IVF again.’ People were usually horrified yet blissfully quietened by this honest retort.

As it happened they were right about the clock ticking. We had 5 embryos in the freezer and as with all product containing eggs they had a Use By date. In our case 3 years from the date of freezing.

So when Izzie was just 5 months old, I found myself wondering about the possibility of another shot at IVF. I had it in my head that I’d probably need to be back in a proper cycle to start treatment and tried to dismiss the idea. I should carry on enjoying my young baby and this happy time together.

But the words proper cycle kept going through my mind. I hadn’t begun one but I’d still been feeding Izzie and I guessed it took a while to get back to normal. Then I thought back to when I’d recently evicted my husband from our bedroom because his cough was getting on my nerves. I’d thought he’d had Man flu, the Dr diagnosed him with Swine flu. When he came back from the Dr’s I felt more than a little guilty and went into the spare room to see if there was anything he needed. As it happened there was.

I took a pregnancy test for peace of mind. Plus it was the weekend and I fancied a glass of wine with a totally clear conscience. Happily I couldn’t have that glass of wine as the positive result was the most prominent I’d ever seen in the very many tests I’d done over the years. With our history though we kept the news to a close few.

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