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Throw toys out of pram who me

Making Sense Of Motherhood Myths


Throw toys out of pram who meRecently I wrote about some of the clichés I’ve discovered are completely inaccurate since I had children. There are a few expressions however that never used to make sense in the days before child but now I’m a parent I totally understand. Don’t worry I’m not going to get all “I now know everything because I have children”.

That’d be annoying and far from true, having children does not necessarily suggest superior knowledge. I remember a childless comedian, once saying that people would ask him what he felt about subjects totally unrelated to children, like what he thought about a civil war and when he replied “I don’t know” was given the patronising retort “Ah but you don’t have kids”. There are some phrases though that due to circumstantial evidence now make much more sense to me.

It started just after my first daughter was born and like many post natal patients, I was told I needed a little work. I won’t go into too much detail as I believe the delivery suite is a bit like Vegas & generally what happens in The Delivery Room should stay in The Delivery Room.

But I remember thinking when the post birth work was being carried out, I totally get the expression “stitch