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What is my name

Nicknames…Cute, Cruel Or Just Confusing?


Whats my nameI thought my husband was taking the proverbial when he said our youngest, Jemima couldn’t say her name. I mean she has no problem speaking or voicing her opinion. Ok, sometimes this may be expressed through the medium of a paddy but she has a pretty decent vocabulary for a 26 month old. She can put words into some fairly complex sentences like “Chicken and chips at MacDonald’s now please”, “Don’t want to go to bed”, “Want to go to park”.

She recognises animated characters and will greet Little Charley Bear or Mickey Mouse by name and can say the names of all our family. So I had no concerns about her speech. Well until I realised he was absolutely right, she just couldn’t say her name. When I asked her to, she went unusually shy and awkward. Now I must take responsibility for this, as I have to admit I actually don’t call her Jemima very often at all.

Jemima was a miracle baby, after years of waiting, treatment and a gorgeous IVF baby, Jemima just turned up wonderfully unexpectedly. I vowed I wouldn’t make the same mistakes I did with my first, namely seek guidance from Gina Ford or approval from The Health Visitor. This time I was going to listen to my baby and as long as she was happy and healthy, I’d just go with what she and the rest of the family wanted.

Happily Jemima was the most chilled out, little baby I could have wished for. She only cried when she absolutely had to and as long as there was plenty of milk and entertainment available, was happy just to gurgle and smile at everyone. If I had to sum up her character by song it would be “I got 99 problems but my milk ain’t one”, as long as she had enough milk, nothing else was worth crying about. She kind of had Jay Z’s style but was obviously a lot prettier, more innocent and much less sweary.

So that’s why we began to call Jemima Grace, JG. The name not only suited her but worked on all levels as Izzie, her big sister who was then only 14 months couldn’t pronounce Jemima but could easily say JG. Just for the record, Izzie who is the liveliest baby I’ve ever seen and partied the nights away for the first year of her life, was nicknamed Izzie Rascal, after Dizzee of course. Izzie continues to be consistently “Bonkers”.

Contrary to what everyone says about the second baby being more advanced, Jemima didn’t do very much at all apart from sit up, smile and be gorgeous until she was about 10 months old. Then she decided she’d crawl and cruise allbeit very slowly. She was never in hurry, always preferring to pootle about. So she earnt the nickname “Pootle&